About Me - Carolyn Harmon

I started out on my journey as a healer at the age of 15 when I began yoga classes and
studying self-healing along with the presence and movement of energy in the body. At the
age of 18 I began studying extensively in an Ashram in Dallas Texas.  There I learned
and began practicing the art of Massage, Touch Therapy, Heat Sensing, Color & Light
Visualizations and Breathing techniques and Prayer.  All of which have become an
essential part of my Massage Therapy practice today. I have received my Licensing for
Swedish Massage through the Fort Worth School of Massage, located in Texas. My
continuing education credits have been through Irene's School of Myomassology, located
in Detroit, Michigan and Hands On Approach, located in Dallas,Texas and will continue to
study and allocate new techniques of pain management into my practice.  So, ask me
about what's new and what works!

My newest endeavor is that I am currently a licensed Trigger Point Therapist and
specialist in lower back pain massage!

I am Now residing in the Muskogee, bringing over twenty years of experience.  I bring with
me to every Massage a deep concern for humanity.  My goal is to promote Good Health
in Mind, Body & Spirit in a Nurturing and Peaceful environment.

With me as your guide, you can learn to Relax, Release, Relieve Your Aches & Pains,
Control Stress, Breath Correctly, Balance Your Energy, Avoid Unnecessary Surgeries
and Live more Fully.

Take the time… Take the journey

Carolyn Harmon, Owner/LMT

405-476-1829 to schedule and appointment with me
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