History of our company...
Owners – Carolyn and Greg Harmon

Years of performing massage:

Carolyn Harmon – Since 1978
Greg Harmon - Since 2003

Carolyn's whole adult life has been dedicated to massage and the healing benefits of
massage. She received her massage training in Texas from Fort Worth School of
Massage.  In 2003, Greg received his massage training from Irene's Myomassolgy in
Michigan and Hands On Approach in Texas and has been performing work with Carolyn
ever since.  After moving to Oklahoma in 2004, Lord and Lady Massage was founded in
Guthrie Oklahoma and has now relocated to Muskogee Oklahoma.  We originally setup
our office space inside Dr. Dawns Chiropractic Care Center in downtown Guthrie, formerly
Dr. Jill's Chiropractic Care Center.  Then we held operations at our private home in
Edmond OK, for over 12 years.

We provide and promote massage, optimum health by educating each patient about the
body's innate healing capacity - teaching and applying safe, natural, and drug free
prevention and wellness care. We also provide care for personal injury situations in
conjunction with needed Chiropractic care.

In 2005, we added an office in Edmond Oklahoma.  At our Edmond office, we provide all
of our massage modalities and added, Couples Massage, Blue/Red Light Therapy and
added a Hot Tub to provide additional therapeutic benefits.

In 2007, we expanded our operations to work with athletes in Rodeos, Barrel Racing and
other Equine events throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Missouri. We performed extensive
Chair and Table massage to the athletes, as well as to spectators in need of massage.

In 2008, we have partnered with other massage therapists that believe in our operating
philosophy, vision and mission to further expand our operations.  We have now dedicated
2008 to bring our commitment, operations, and experience to promoting wellness and
benefits of massage to corporations throughout Central Oklahoma.

In 2009, we have dedicated our services to one location in Edmond, Oklahoma. This is to
reduce costs to be able to maintain some of the lowest prices in Central Oklahoma for our
Customers. We will continue to monitor and control this as always to provide the best
service available.

In July of 2016, we moved to an Historic 1920's Home in the Historic Kendall District in
Muskogee Oklahoma where we now can provide another Unique Wonderful Massage


Carolyn and Greg Harmon
Lord and Lady Massage.
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Lord & Lady Massage Therapy
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